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A Florida-based company is attempting to install approximately 88 wind turbines over 500 feet tall  GE turbines in Southeast Reno County.  The company's plans change regularly, as well as county commissioners' tasks and everyone's understanding.  Note the communities of Andale, Haven, Mount Hope, and St. Joe Ost would be most impacted per the phase 1 map shown.

Inform -  Land owners were contacted by the Florida-based company for leasing, but the majority of county residents have been in the dark.  Many signs have been placed around Reno County and parts of West Sedgwick County in the hope to inform as many as possible of this potential impact to our everyday environment.  There are several informational article links on this page as well as a lot of information on the internet regarding wind turbine proximity to residents and adverse impacts.  While "anything" can be found on the internet, a general consensus can be formed.  Consider several adverse impacts such as infrasound-related health concerns (noise below what we can hear <20Hz), consistent & inconsistent audible noises, shadow flicker, reflection, and how our area is more populated than almost all other USA wind turbine projects.  The area would continue to grow if not impacted by turbines.  Our duration of exposure to active turbines is greater than other locations.

Responsible siting of turbines is key.

Involve - Speak up and inform others.  Contact our state representatives and county commissioners regularly (links below) and participate in meetings.  Build or Request a sign.    Your voice and involvement is key, so do not hesitate to pass along any concerns and/or findings.

Update - As the company's project attempts to evolve, so do their plans.  Everyone should be aware of these changes, so this site will be updated accordingly.

The proposed footprint.  It subject to change.

This map was provided by the developer months ago to show the developer's proposed plan in SE Reno County.  

It is not in proximity to Pretty Prairie as some media have stated (likely because the name was changed to "Pretty Prairie Wind Farm Project"), but would be 4 miles West of Andale, Southwest of Mount Hope, South of Haven, and North of St. Joe, Ost.


What Can I Do?

Your voice is our most important asset!  Please contact the County Commissioners (listed below) and participate in the community meetings.  

All information and opposition to the project should be directed to :
Mark.Vonachen@renogov.org - Planning Commission Administrator 

Contact County Commissioners

Reno County has been wonderful about providing feedback.  When writing to the county, please include ALL of these contacts.

Ron.Hirst@renogov.org - County Commissioner

Ron.Sellers@renogov.org - County Commissioner

Bob.bush@renogov.org - County Commissioner

planningcommissioners@renogov.org - Planning Commission  

Gary.Meagher@renogov.org - County Commission Administrator

Contact Kansas House of Representatives

District map

jack.thimesch@house.ks.gov  - District 114 (Arlington, Nickerson, Partridge, South Hutchinson)

joe.seiwert@house.ks.gov - District 101 (Haven, Yoder, Pretty Prairie, St Joe)

Paul.Waggoner@house.ks.gov District 104 (Buhler, Medora)

steve.huebert@house.ks.gov - District 90 (Andale, Mount Hope)

Jason.Probst@house.ks.gov - District 102 (Hutchinson)

Contact Sedgwick County

District 3 map

David.Dennis@sedgwick.gov - District 3 Commissioner

https://www.sedgwickcounty.org/commissioners/ - County Commissioner Website

Visibility and awareness are key factors.  This project will have far-reaching impacts on our communities, with very few of them being positive.  

Engage people, get a sign, attend Commission Meetings and Public Hearings.

Be a good neighbor and example.

We have signs

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Upcoming and Past Dates

April 4, 2019

Reno County Public Hearing

3:00 pm

Atrium Hotel 1400 N Lorraine St, Hutchinson, KS 67501

+ Event Details

April 4, 2019

Reno County Public Hearing


1) Public Comment is open. Please email or write in to Mark Vonachen, County Planner, at mark.vonachen@renogov.org with your opposition to the Pretty Prairie Wind Farm due to irresponsible turbine siting. Feel free to send research to him as well. He is only accepting information in writing or by email. After the public hearing, public comment will be closed, so we must speak now.

2) We are preparing for the public hearing. If you would like a topic to research, please let me know. We appreciate your help.

3) We will need a lot of help on the day of the public hearing. Please continue watching here for more information.

4) Some people who are getting their homes appraised prior to the final decision. If you were considering this, you will want to complete it prior to the final decision.

3:00 pm

Atrium Hotel 1400 N Lorraine St, Hutchinson, KS 67501

Mar 28, 2019

Sedgwick County Public Hearings regarding the Moratorium


Sedgwick County Zoo, Cargill Learning Center

+ Event Details

Mar 28, 2019

Sedgwick County Public Hearings regarding the Moratorium

Sedgwick County staff is researching the issues surrounding alternative energy before they make any decisions; however, they also need input from the community to help with those decisions. All five Commissioners will be in attendance to hear the questions, concerns and recommendations from our citizens. They will not be making any decisions during the public forum; but, it is a way for the Commissioners to hear what the citizens have to say on the issue. Depending on the number of speakers, they may have to limit the time each speaker has. More information will be coming from their Communications Department in the near future. They hope the public attends to learn and help the Commissioners learn. 


Sedgwick County Zoo, Cargill Learning Center

feb 26, 2019

No County Commission meeting this week


Reno County Courthouse

+ Event Details

feb 26, 2019

No County Commission meeting this week

Regular Commission Meeting Canceled


Reno County Courthouse

Feb 24, 2019

**RESCHEDULED to Feb 24 - County Zoning, Wind Farms, and You!

7pm - 10pm

St Joseph, Ost Parish Hall. Located 12917 E Maple Grove Rd, Mt Hope Ks 67108

+ Event Details

Feb 24, 2019

**RESCHEDULED to Feb 24 - County Zoning, Wind Farms, and You!

**Rescheduled due to inclement weather.

Community Meeting to inform about Industrial Wind Facilities and county blanket zoning.

There will be a map of proposed turbine locations on display.

7pm - 10pm

St Joseph, Ost Parish Hall. Located 12917 E Maple Grove Rd, Mt Hope Ks 67108

Feb 21, 2019

Reno County Planning Commission Meeting

4:30pm - 6:30pm

Reno County Public Works Facility

+ Event Details

Feb 21, 2019

Reno County Planning Commission Meeting

Monthly Planning Commission Meeting

600 Scott Blvd, South Hutch, Ks 67505

Agenda: https://www.renogov.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_02212019-303

4:30pm - 6:30pm

Reno County Public Works Facility

More Events

Protecting our "Slice of Heaven"

Our Heritage


Many of us came to Reno County, by desire and determination.  Clear skies and pristine landscapes, a perfect backdrop for farming, and raising families.  
Those of us lucky enough to have  been born here, second and third generation farmers, have made and contributed to an everlasting heritage to be passed onto future generations.  Thank you!



About 20 years ago the young man  I was dating drove me out to Reno county.  We paused looking over the green fields, and meadows, and he said "Here is where  I want to build a house and raise a family. "  That stuck with me.
15 years later, a home, three kids, we are where we were meant to be.
Everyday, I look out over those same green fields and  clear skies grateful for everything.
I've lived at this location for 37 years. I LOVE the quiet, peaceful solitude out here!!! The views are beautiful, and the noises that I can hear out here are usually crickets chirping, birds singing, and coyotes howling! My boys love it out here, and they farm! I have no desire to move to town, and I never dreamed in a million years that these dark night skies, peaceful quiet, or gorgeous views might be robbed from us!!
Moved to country to raise children and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful views.
We moved to SE Reno county for the open, undisturbed, quiet scenic country views; we could have lived anywhere after my retirement from the Marine Corps, but we chose to raise our family here.  However, if the county fails to represent the citizens most affected by the proposed wind farm, we will move out of Reno altogether.

Our Goal


Our purpose in creating this website is to make sure everyone has access to pertinent information regarding industrial wind turbines, associated transmission lines, and their impacts on surrounding communities.  

Further Information on Industrial Wind Facilities



Industrial wind facilities have been associated with  several health concerns; the most common being sleep disturbance, headache, anxiety, depression, and cognitive dysfunction.  Many of these symptoms are self-reported, therefore quantifiable evidence of harm is difficult to correlate.

2018 European World Health Organization (WHO) Environmental Noise Guidelines 2018
These guidelines are relevant as the research spans multiple continents.  "For average noise exposure, the GDG conditionally recommends reducing noise levels produced by wind turbines below 45 dB Lden, as wind turbine noise above this level is associated with adverse health effects "  pg. 77





Properly Interpreting the Epidemiological Evidence about  Health Effects of Wind Turbines on Nearby Residents.

http://greatlakeswindtruth.org/featured/just-in-dr-riina-bray-of-womens-college-hospital-warns-of-proximity-to-wind-turbines/?fbclid=IwAR2S65KoHAsKr9fbmmUS3DD25o9htXEVg-v2IjKPjf1eJ0sDSlIKhWJQXfABrown County Human Services Special Event-Duke Energy Shirley Wind-Sept 12th, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=LonNAh9kMYw&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D2kvoZO-DEho%26feature%3Dplayer_embedded&fbclid=IwAR0TGXeBEZiqVZbExIfFpcXXamQN9dUOArRJ5oI_W9eSCija9OeOfI51HpA  

The Truth About Industrial Wind Energy - 3 of 12


Property Value


Property value loss from North Stormont wind farm in the millions: Wind Concerns Ontario


Do Wind Turbines Lower Property Values?

"Big Wind has attempted to intimidate some of its rural opponents by filing lawsuits against them. Last year, NextEra sued the town of Hinton in federal and state court after the town passed an ordinance restricting wind-energy development. The wind-energy giant also sued local governments in Michigan, Indiana, and Missouri, all of which had passed measures restricting wind-energy development."


Property Devaluation
The most basic law of economics is that things are valued based on the “Law of Supply and Demand.” It is exceedingly obvious, all things being equal, that many people (due to view, sound, flicker, etc) would choose NOT to buy a home where there are industrial wind turbines close by. (Whether they are right or wrong in their reasons is irrelevant.) These beliefs would reduce demand, which clearly would have some negative impact on the price of such a property. 

Any report that concludes that there are zero negative property value effects related to wind projects simply can not be considered seriously. The only real question is how much of an impact? This list is intended to identify just some of the more objective studies and commentary about the adverse effects of wind energy projects on home values near wind projects. "






There are conflicting reports and studies in regards to the impact  industrial turbines would have on crop yields, soil impaction and field accessibility.  






"Bats eat insects, saving farmers billions of dollars in pest control each year, but they generally do not get much attention. "

 We present here analyses suggesting that loss of bats in North America could lead to agricultural losses estimated at more than $3.7 billion/year. Urgent efforts are needed to educate the public and policy-makers about the ecological and economic importance of insectivorous bats and to provide practical conservation solutions.

Storm Tracking


Industioral wind facilities cause weather radar interference, and hinder effective storm tracking.




Area News


February 6, 2019 New Planning Commission Members

December 11th 2018 Reno County Commission rejects request for more wind direction. http://www.hutchnews.com/news/20181211/reno-county-commission-rejects-request-for-more-wind-direction?fbclid=IwAR2RBy3Snk_Xv_HbXgDesZ-jvJjgvXRI0kypht4bl68SFvGkA95D_5wXGj4 

Reno County planning board serves as next step for wind farm  http://www.hutchnews.com/news/20181205/reno-county-planning-board-serves-as-nexteras-next-step-for-wind-farm  

Plans for controversial wind farm moving forward in Reno County (KWCH) https://www.kwch.com/content/news/Plans-for-controversial-wind-farm-moving-forward-in-Reno-County-501947181.html?fbclid=IwAR2O-ZfdaJznDubwD-hAp2rteHl7V_v0GnUWbUzMRuPd5w5ti78c9AsnNpA  

Reno Commissioners Seek outside input http://www.hutchnews.com/news/20181120/reno-commissioners-seek-input-from-pratt-kingman-officials-on-wind-farm?fbclid=IwAR33b_YfVgThguzYcbRlSvCTTdTrNARa41ExVtEAdtkAVeeI2WuurHL0EHw 

Possible Reno County Moratorium http://www.hutchnews.com/news/20181107/reno-commission-may-take-up-wind-moratorium-later-this-month 

McPherson County Moratorium https://www.mcphersonweeklynews.com/wind-energy-leases-raise-conflict-of-interest-concerns-new-moratorium-approved/?fbclid=IwAR0mbAEsT8nNESVsVedpt5R3wcKz8KJ1UoLqmKW862zq063OO6EiHGeYB6U  

November 27th

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About Us


We are an ever growing group of area residents, families, farmers, and business people concerned about the growing threat of industrial wind facilities and their transmission lines to our region and the effects of those upon our lives.